The Ripoff Jukebox

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Could Really, Really Use Somebody

Bryan Adams, "Somebody"
Kings of Leon, "Use Somebody"

This is the kind of ripoff observation that causes people to hate me. The mere comparison of the Kings of Leon to Canadian pop prince Bryan Adams is scoff-inducing. Alleging that one of the Followill brothers' most acclaimed singles would rip off or even be influenced by an '80s teeny bopper power ballad qualifies me for a lifetime ban from the musical hall of the internets.

I'd be concerned for my own sanity and safety were it not for the obvious connection between the two songs.

I'll answer the accusations of any haters* in advance: I'm not a fan of the Leonite Kings. I don't think they're terrible, they just make me yawn. But this entry has nothing to do with my personal feelings toward them. It's just that my initial reaction to this song was that it sounded like their take on a Bryan Adams song of almost exactly the same name. It's like Bryan Adams went off of Xanax and rewrote his old song. And that's fine. It's kinda catchy.

But, you know, it's earned its spot here, don't you think?

*Don't you like how I pretend that a) people are reading this and b) it's triggering some sort of intense emotional response? I'm silly like that.